It’s been quite a journey: through photographs, newsletters, annual reports and memories of people involved, we have been overwhelmed by the wonderful stories and recollections we have heard about, seen and read as part of the Farm Tales project. Piecing together the story of Windmill Hill City Farm has taken us from rogue chickens in […]

Annual Report 1977: “Since the two-day event on the City Farm site in September 1976 the steering group have met regularly every Monday evening, first in members’ houses and now that the building has been improved at the Farm itself. There have also been public meetings, open to all residents and interested people so that […]

‘Many local residents had little or no garden so a decision as made early on to create Community Gardens at Windmill Hill City Farm. The Gardens take up half a hectare and are both practical and aesthetic.  Two-thirds of the area is divided into 50 individual plots for Farm members to grow their own vegetables, […]

Phil Haughton arrived at Windmill Hill City Farm in 1981 and was Farm Manager running staff as well as Youth Training Scheme workers.  Here he recalls his role at the Farm, and how he hoped to teach local children about life on a farm and where their meat came from (even if it was guinea […]

As soon as the Farm had been established, local people responded to the lack of facilities for young children in the area by renovating the upper floor of the main building. Children’s activities took place up there until we opened our purpose built Playcentre in 1980. Stephanie Batterbury remembers: I was introduced to Lin Whitfield […]

‘Many local residents have little or no garden, so an early decision was taken to create Community Gardens on the Farm.  The Gardens take up half a hectare and are both practical and aesthetic.  Two-thirds of the area is divided into 50 individual plots so Farm members to grow their own vegetables, fruit and flowers. […]

Lin Whitfeld remembers the Dustbin Group and the origins of Windmill Hill City Farm: The Dustbin group that originally started it were people who were coming down from the Hill, coming down to East Street to do their shopping and they would have to cross this derelict land where most of the houses had been […]

‘Who Wants to Build a City Farm?’ was a play about the history of the Farm performed as part of the 10th Birthday Celebrations in 1986. The children’s drama group which met at the Farm wrote and performed this song ‘Rats’.   We reckon the ‘Rats’ were remembering the waste ground the area was before it […]

“It’s different from other playgroups because there are other things to do – we always look at the animals before and after toddler group.  I think it’s important for a city child to learn that milk doesn’t come from the milkman but from goats or cows” The Play Centre and Rumpus Room, with their accompanying […]

In the earliest days of the Farm, there was a campaign to raise funds for a Community Bus which would do a circular route around the area and could be flagged down so people could get to the Farm.  This was particularly important for elderly people, or those with toddlers or shopping bags who might […]